"The meticulously designed backpacks are constructed from carefully chosen materials, with a specific function and aesthetic in mind."

"Black Ember offers a superior level of bespoke functionality that many backpack brands would struggle to compete with."

"Holds various types of gear, like your cameras, work kit, and extra clothes. Packed full, the bag is carry-on-compliant, and it also comes with a detachable laptop sleeve that's TSA-friendly"

"In the past few weeks I have taken this bag to London and Verona, on planes, trains and automobiles and it has been the perfect travel companion." 

"Never have I been stopped so many times to answer questions about a backpack, but it is a new and exciting type of bag, and people love it."

"I carried the TL3 for 10 hours straight, and for five consecutive days. It performed flawlessly."

"Relishes diverse carry challenges, from carry-on travel use to changing day-to-day needs"

"It’s not every day we come across a modular backpack the truly stands out. Taking storage and organization to a whole new level due to intelligent design and storage cubes that magnetically clip into the bag’s main compartment"

"The Only Travel + Photography Bag You Need"


"The Late Late Shows Reggie Watts Favorite Luggage"

"A small team of industrial designers and product developers from San Francisco, California has come up with a product that simply cannot be ignored."

"A smart take on a military pack called the Modular Urban Backpack"

"You probably already have several bags you use for various purposes, one for hauling all your gear to work, one for tackling the outdoors on the weekends, and another for when you're on the road. With the Ember Backpack you get one bag for all of your needs."

"Sweet bag coming from Black Ember of San Francisco"

"We haven’t seen better protection for your gear at the moment."

"If you need to carry a laptop or work essentials on your bike, this is one of the most functional and stylish solutions around."

"Black Ember backpacks are highly functional, sleek, waterproof, urban packs designed to house and protect your critical gear. Each material has been carefully chosen for its particular performance characteristics and aesthetic quality."

"Suh-Weet Modular Urban Pack"

"The sleek functional backpacks are waterproof and designed to house and protect your critical gear, they are also modular, giving the user the opportunity to build their own pack by choosing from a variety of accessories."

"Black Ember Offers Revolutionary Modular Urban Backpack: Ember stepped-up and created one hell of a traveling bag."

"Just like you need to be flexible to changing demands to your time, your gear needs to be ready for anything. One day you may be packing it in while others you’ll have plenty of breathing room. Black Ember’s new backpack collection, the Gen02, is made for exactly that."

"Designed to scale effortlessly from a minimal daily commuter to a bursting at the seams traveler’s companion."

"There’s no shortage of modular backpacks that you can expand to accommodate any additional gear you’re bringing along. If you want one that looks all manners of badass, though, these Black Ember Backpacks should be more along the lines of what you’re after."

"The Modular Urban Backpack is nothing if not customizable and configurable in what seems an almost infinite number of ways."

"Ember backpacks are highly functional, sleek, waterproof, urban packs designed to house and protect your critical gear."

"Finding one backpack that fits all your needs is damn near impossible. It’s hard to find one bag that could be everything to everyone, but this new modular backpack from Ember is a good candidate."

"A modular backpack for commuters."

"Whether you're packing light for the day or maxing out your bag, three new styles will be available for you to minimize and expand."

"A cool backpack than can be easily adapted to fit your personal needs."

"Black Ember backpacks are highly functional, sleek, waterproof, urban packs designed to house and protect your critical gear."

"Black Ember Backpacks are expertly designed to be the most functional, yet sleek way to carry all your precious cargo."

"Do you want to look like you’re on a some sort of urban military mission? That's what I think of when I see Black Ember Modular Urban Backpacks."

"One team of designers look to have very much hit the nail on the head with the stunning looking and supremely versatile Black Ember Backpack"

"Like something out of an awesome video game."

"This awesome, light weight, sleek backpack can be used for your outdoors or urban needs."

"If you enjoy archaeological digs in Peru or just need something to take your tablet and accessories to work, Ember’s Modular Urban Pack is all you require."

"This awesome accessory is a real must have for those guys who love functionality and fashion forward looks."

"Can’t seem to find one backpack that will live up to all your packing needs and expectations? Well, that’s about to change, with the Ember Backpack fresh on the market"

"The cornerstone to the Ember adoption experience is the opportunity for consumers to build their own pack by selecting from a variety of Ember gear options."

"Thanks to Black Ember, you can now build the perfect backpack to meet your every need."

"If James Bond needed a backpack to tote his textbooks and laptop to physics class, I bet a Black Ember is what he'd choose."

"Mit dem Modular Urban Pack zollt das Team von Ember Equipment unserem modernen Leben Tribut."

"Build it to your own specs with their line of accessories."

"Creeer een backpack die niemand anders heeft door de pouches op verschillende plekken vast te maken en ervaar het plezier van een modulaire backpack!"

"Modular and sexy as hell"

"Promises to take the best of care of your most valuable items when you're on the move"

"Modular design that meets every day needs"

"My go-to for working on the road."